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Falling Fiasco

Some time this past June…not sure exactly when (and too lazy to try and figure out exact dates) I fell…HARD…on our tiled bathroom floor. Surprisingly, it was NOT caused by errant MS symptoms, but rather a wet patch on the floor that I managed to find as I was leaning into the shower putting back the shampoo! After about 4 hours, I reluctantly went to emergency to get things checked out (I couldn’t put any weight on my right leg without it hyper reflexing with pain). The end result was…no broken hip but a pretty sore body!

Thankfully, I had my rollator, which I normally don’t use in the house (it stays in my car) and came in handy because I couldn’t bear any weight on my right leg, so it helped me to keep my balance, which I promptly lost the following day while trying to get something out of the fridge! Needless to say, I went for a header onto the kitchen/dining room floor, which thankfully, is wood (so much softer than tile) but banged up my left arm. I had a massive bruise on my elbow to show for it! Holy crap! Hubby wasn’t too impressed…I think he was actually starting to worry! LOL

Being VERY cautious, I slowly got better (thank you Tylenol 3 with codeine) to the point that, about a week later, I ventured out with hubby to do some grocery shopping at our local Safeway. By the time we got through checkout I was done!…my legs weren’t cooperating, dragging along and I was pooped. So hubby got the great idea I should hop onto the front of the shopping cart…remember doing that as a kid?…yes, well…As an adult, I’m a lot heavier and there weren’t a lot of groceries in the cart…can you see where this is going?!?

Yup!…I flipped the cart!…right on top of me… and managed to get my right leg pinned underneath my body where it felt like I was pulling every muscle in that leg past the point it should comfortably go! Did I make a spectacle of myself?…yup!…did I care?…Nope! I didn’t care that I was crying in pain, not even sure how I managed to get to the car?? All I knew is that I felt worse now then I did with the original fall and I was just trying to manage the pain by breathing…very loudly!

Hubby had to carry me from the car into the house where he administered first aid to my ankle…had a nice road rash gash (bled onto my new white Converse sneakers…damn!), gave me some Tylenol 3 with codeine (thank you very much), and proceeded to feel sick himself because apparently he felt like it was his fault because he hadn’t caught the grocery cart in time….awwww.:)

The end result of all of this is, that despite 2 months passing, I am not back to ‘normal’. I still need to use my rollator in the house…feet are still more numb than usual and my spasticity seems to be worse so that it makes for a very unsteady walk. I now also have a nasty scar on my ankle to remind me of my stupidity! It’s amazing how quickly things can change?


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