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New Year, New Goals

Well, the New Year hasn't gotten off on the best foot...especially considering that it's the foot that is causing a lot of my present problems...still too numb and spastic to drive safely, which means I can't drive to work. Not really enjoying this extended Christmas break.

However, seeing that it is a New Year... which means a fresh start, new goals, yada, yada, yada, I've decided I need to seriously look at physiotherapy. Made an appointment with a local rehab/physio centre for assessment next week. One day after I did that, a blogger I follow ( My MS Journey) blogged about a special pilot physio program for MS patients who have undergone CCSVI in Sherbrooke, QC (?) Unfortunately, the link was to a Radio Canada video clip in French.

But I did get the name of the director of the program - Rene McKay. Will definitely be looking for more info about this program and will DEFINITELY be passing on this little tidbit to my own physio clinic. Surprising how that just happened to come along when I needed it to?! So, what am I hoping to get out of physio? Well here's my wish list:

  1. maintain or improve the strength in my legs...they're not bad, but I have noticed slight weakening lately and I don't want to lose the strength if I can help it.

  2. I'd really like to improve my balance...because of numbness in both feet, I have very poor sense of propioception and I know that I waste a lot of energy trying to maintain my balance when I walk.

  3. prevent further foot's slight, but I'm peeved because I ruined my most favourite pair of Puma shoes because of scuffing! argh

  4. improve core strength...not to brag, but I've got pretty good abs...and I want to keep it that way

  5. I'd like some help with flexibility...although I've been told that stretching does not necessarily improve spasticity (its a nerve thing)

I'd like to be shown a fitness program that I can do on my own, either at home (ideal) or at the gym. My husband tells me that I'm in danger of becoming like a "veal calf"... muscles that are soft, weak, flabby...I don't want to be a 'veal calf'!?!...although they are kind of cute. LOL


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